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01 Field of expertise

Our certified professional medical coding and healthcare compliance team will review and audit all services provided to you and determine if you are being billed ethically, and within national and federal medical billing compliance guidelines.

02 What we do

Medical Bill Advocacy Services

# Medical Bill Review
Our team of certified professional medical coders and healthcare compliance professionals will review your medical bill of $400.00 or more against all clinical provider documentation, medical coding, industry medical billing guidelines, insurer explanation of benefits (EOBs), and medical billing claims by your providers for accuracy. Schedule your free consult today!
# Annual Concierge Service
Unlike our individual medical bill review services, our annual concierge service provides unlimited annual medical bill review with no minimum medical bill amount. This service is great for individuals that are using frequent medical services, care givers, family members that do not live close by, but receive all their loved one’s medical bills/insurance explanation of benefits (EOB), and many other relevant situations.

03 Who we are

Why CHAFA Insurance Advocacy?

CHAFA Insurance Advocacy is a premier medical insurance advocacy firm, owned and managed by CHAFA, a Florida State-licensed insurance broker and consultant with over 25 years experience in the medical claims health insurance industry. When you retain our services, you can count on our expertise and professionalism to meet your needs regarding medical insurance and medical claims—from recouping previously denied coverage and reimbursements to tracking benefits statements and medical bills to forensic work on medical claims. Denied medical bills, or denied medical claims? We can help.

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